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Attack on field at Chanvre-Info. The police abandoned the situation without providing security.

Attack on field at Chanvre-Info. The police abandoned the situation without providing security.

Murten, Sunday 16th September ’07, 04:30

Dear President of the Tribunal Canton of Fribourg,

I report the news of serious deeds that happened in the early hours of the morning in Murten around the field at the Chanvre-Info farm.

At around 1 o’clock in the morning, Sunday 16th September, a gang of about a dozen individuals in balaclavas, armed with guns, lead bars, and baseball bats, aimed to antagonize and immobilise the two watchmen of the field in Morat, as well as managing to steal an indeterminate amount of hemp.

After risking being kidnapped or worse, the watchmen successfully persuaded the attackers to leave them to stay in the same place, and finally alerted the rest of the farm. The police arrived 10 minutes after our call for help. The policemen took our watchmen to the police station and kept them for 4 hours, whilst no patrol stayed to protect the field and the rest of the people at the farm, including three women, against an eventual new attack.

Suspicious activity continues around the farm and the field, but we still are not receiving any protection against the gang, there is no police in sight. Therefore, we inform you that we are now trying to ensure our safety. The protection of the field is no longer in our means and should not be our responsibility until acceptable support is received.

On behalf of Chanvre-Info,

Laurent Appel

We call upon all of you to send a letter to the Swiss authorities to ask the revision of the sentence to André Fürst.

You can also write to André at:

André Fürst
EEP Bellevue
Rue du Tronchet 6
2023 Gorgier/NE

André Fürst
Prison Centrale
Planche-Inférieure 12
1700 Fribourg/FR

  • Aux alentours d'une heure du matin le dimanche 16 septembre 07, une troupe d'une douzaine d'individus cagoulés armée de revolver, barres à mine et battes de base-ball a braqué et neutralisé les deux gardiens de notre champ de Morat et a volé une quantité indéterminée de chanvre.
  • Diesen Sonntag morgen, etwa um ein Uhr, hat eine Gruppe von mindestens einem Dutzend maskierten und mit Revolvern, Eisenstangen sowie Baseball-Schlägern ausgerüsteten Leuten die zwei Wächter unseres Feldes bei Murten überfallen, neutralisiert und eine unbestimmte Menge Hanf gestohlen.
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Cannabis industry under attack in the Swiss Confederation
Dear friends of freedom,

Please do what you can to raise active awareness of André Fürst’s conviction and imprisonment in Switzerland. André Fürst is the founder of Chanvre Info, a Cannabis agriculture and manufacturing demonstration project in Morat Murten, Switzerland.

A sincere gentleman and father, André and his son André, Jr. are dear friend’s who have been generous supporters of my film in Europe and Mexico. André Fürst deserves international praise for his courage, vision and contributions to the common good — not prison.

André Fürst has done in Switzerland, what we could be doing in California by next spring. As the California industrial hemp bill, AB 684 ripens in the governor’s hands, the benefits of hemp agriculture and the therapeutic benefits of ’marijuana’ are being repeatedly proven. The urgency of growing Cannabis is only becoming more acute as environment, economy, and social structures continue to fail. AB 684 - http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Grou...

It is simply a shameless violation of human rights, in the name of corporate protectionism, for government to interfere with the cultivation of any "herb bearing seed." (Genesis 1:29) The jurisdiction of the court has been extended far beyond moral accountability, inducing essential resource scarcity, while enriching the black market and increasing hard drug use, in a counter-productive effort to crimp the free agricultural and industrial markets.

The following letter was written by the Steering Committee of ENCOD (www.encod.org), of which André Fürst is the director, and is passed on to you all with the invitation to engage the effort to secure brother Fürst’s immediate release.

Further, I trust that the Swiss authorities will protect the health and safety of people at the Chanvre Info demonstration project. The following is a recent account of attacks on the farm by an armed gang.


Please see

for additional information about André Fürst and the incredible strides in Cannabis agriculture and industry he has achieved, with the highest levels of product excellence, always demonstrating global cooperation and international statesmanship with a unique personal flair.

Please join with me in calling for André Fürst’s immediate release, by sending word to the Canton of Fribourg, that the world is observing the suppression the Cannabis industry. We can begin coordinating ahead of the curve for a change, to plant hemp this Spring. It’s the right thing to do, and regardless of what laws are passed at the state level, we have federal, Bill of Rights, Article One, individual freedom of religion, also afforded by international human rights treaties, if each of us claims it for ourselves, and each other.

With international Aloha, and a prayer for peace,

Paul J. von Hartmann

California Cannabis Ministry


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18 September 2007 by Paul von Hartmann