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Cannabis is a safer alternative than alcohol

Denver, Colo. has proclaimed itself the nation’s forerunner for dealing with domestic violence. Billboards previously pasted up in the city showed the image of an abused woman, promoting support of Initiative 100 to "Reduce family & community violence in Denver," and, earlier this month, voters successfully willed it into action. Cannabis possession for recreational purposes is now legal for the first time in an American city.

Mason Tvert, the leading proponent of the Alcohol Marijuana Equalization Initiative, was involved in the "Make Denver Safer" campaign. Of Initiative 100, he said: "If this passes, it will make the city of Denver safer by allowing adults over 21 to use marijuana as an alternative to alcohol." In January, Tvert also started an organization, SAFER (Safer Alternatives for Enjoyable Recreation), as a response to alcohol-related deaths at Colorado universities. He added, "There’s no doubt that if people choose to use cannabis instead of alcohol we would not have the same number of problems."

As the research shows, alcohol is the obvious, evil cause of domestic violence and other cultural maladies. Warning labels, of course, have been in place on every alcoholic container for years. "Consumption of this beverage will significantly increase the probability of you spontaneously battering your loved-ones." Alcohol is the problem in this country. It makes innocent, harmless people freak out and inexplicably turn violent. What is all this hogwash about psychology and emotional problems? That’s just a propaganda ploy of the capitalist distilleries. And consequently, Prozac, Paxil, and Ritalin are now readily prescribed to combat the poisoning effects of booze. Drugs are the answer, but we’ve yet to mainline enough of them into the bastard drunkards. We need more, for even Viagra is unable to combat the venom; after the distraction peters out, the user’s characteristic anti-social aggressions are yet again revived. So, let the people smoke pot and it will all get better.

Tvert’s organization says it best. The Web site states: "SAFER does not encourage the use of cannabis. [...] It is time our laws stop encouraging the use of alcohol and allow adults to make the rational decision to make the safer choice to use cannabis." Isn’t it all so clear? It’s nice to know organizations have their heads on straight. End domestic violence: legalize marijuana. Denver: the mile-high city.

Comments of Scott Hagen, Staff Writer, www.unlvrebelyell.com; 11/17/2005

published Monday 5 December 2005 03:39