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On 12 december 2006, at 11 hours, in the Botanic Garden of Antwerpen, Belgium, an important step will be made towards a definitive regulation on the produiction of cannabis and hemp in Belgium.

The association Trekt Uw Plant (Draw Up Your Plant), formed by cannabis consumers in Antwerpen, will then present its first collective plantation that is operating entirely within the margins of Belgian Federal Drugs Policy.

Some members of Trekt Uw Plant, among who Stijn Bex, Member of the Federal Parliament for Spirit (a party which belongs to the government coalition) will publicly cut a clone from the motherplant. The seed of the motherplant was put on 27 July, also in the Botanic Garden, in the presence of the media and the Antwerp police.

Permission for the presentation of the plantation has been given by the Antwerp local authorities.

After the presentation, the plantation will be transported to its definitive location on a secret place in Antwerpen. The information of the adress of this plantation, a copy of the regulation of the association, and a copy of the key will be given to Lord mayor Patrick Janssens, head of the Antwerp police. This enables him to allow the local services to carry out the necessary controls in a relaxed atmosphere.

The association Trekt Uw Plant has more than 30 members who all consider to put their plant in the plantation. They have each paid 50 euro, which will be used by the association to grow the plant or in case the plantation gets busted by the police, carry out a courtcase.

In Bilbao, Spain, in april 2006 a similar initiative of cannabis consumers was approved by a local court. This means that in Spain, several associations of cannabis consumers operate with the permission of the authorities. Specialised lawyers have assured Trekt Uw Plant that it will also be very difficult to condemn this initiative in Belgium.

According to Belgian federal policy the possession of one female cannabisplant per person is tolerated, though not legal. By installing a collective plantation, Draw Up Your Plant intends to solve the problem of many people who are not able to grow themselves or have other reasons not to grow a plant in their own house.

The action also is aimed at increasing the legal security around cultivation of cannabis and hemp in Belgium. It is a simple solution for the need to reduce the illegal market in cannabis products, the access of young people to cannabis and to increase the health of the consumers.

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  • Le 12 décembre 2006, à 11.00, dans le Jardin Botanique d'Anvers, en Belgique, une étape importante sera franchie vers un règlement définitif sur la production de cannabis et de chanvre en Belgique.
published Wednesday 13 December 2006 01:02