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From the witch-hunt to the war against drug user, and human rights.

Hello friends and activists.

Here a few lines from my jail in Switzerland. I can not say that the time goes past quickly but your letters do that nevertheless the waiting is some shorter.

From the witch-hunt to the war against drug user, and human rights.

In the 17 century puritanical groups had to leave Europe. In the American Colonies only a few wild heathens had to be shot to inherit the most fertile ground in the name of God. Also some witch children could escape the pursuit with a flight to the new world.

The Witches pursuit raged in Europe since centuries and made every cabbage woman a death candidate. Same also in America the religiously crazy colonisers, executed healer and child’s of nature on the pyre. Witch women and naturopathy’s found at most covering at the Red Indian. Later all white people was forced to have the correct humility, so one looked for substitutes. There were really so many Red Indians as cannon fodder for the hunt-enthusiastic and the bestial vein could realise then the domination on the unbelieving slaves, also.

In Europe the witch hunt was suspended again and again by even more barbaric so called “holy” wars. After centuries of begrudge, avarice and insidiousness, the church leaders had to admit a religious freedom for all and every faithful one. The whole things ended when the slavery was abolished.

But the religious didn’t become saints, as they hade also the beast in themselves. The churchgoers searched the evil, however, not in themselves but in the unbelievers, in hobo, in healers and gipsies, the peoples about who knew the witch plants.

To change this, to sold chemical medicine and bring them the monetary system, they invented a cure for the children’s on the road, just the same with the Aborigines and the Red Indian of America. Children’s were snatched away of their parents and re-educated in homes. These homes of re-education ware cruel and human despising methods were used. This is documented today.

England, who was able to conquer China only with opium as an arm, classified later plant strength as dangerous.

In America hordes of coloured immigrants brought own herbs and made the place of alcohol disputable. A political majority which in the religious society fought the devil work, with the alcohol prohibition. The devil liquor dived, however, only into the subsoil and made on the black market whiskey.

Under the power of the prohibition one, and the overpowered black market, the legal interdiction was finally broken. It was a blessing for mankind and since then the wine was under control and brought to the society full revenues. But these dirty Mexicans, black people, Red Indians and tramps were still consuming drugs.

The drug prohibition was born. What could occupy sun the whole armies of swearing pursuers, hunters and the prison-industry. With the Last World War this practice came with the American Invasion to Europe. The war against drugs and witch herbs today still defended from the UNODC in Vienna. In the belief that abstinence only delighted, a big part of the population is pursued, condemned and incarcerated. Millions of people daily witness the tragedies of a xenophobe war, legitimised by lies against drugs.

The society creates models which reflect the worth of the past without respecting the human rights.


- At the last meeting in March 08, of the office on drugs, UNODC in Vienna, this UNO organization asks for the first time, whether nevertheless also the human rights had to be considering in the war again drug users. These arrived only 99 years after signing, of the first international convention about drugs.

Under the cloak of the drug-control serious violations of human rights are inspected until in almost all countries today. And the public health suffers at most that certain drugs are no more available into one legal trade, but in the black market.

- In the same month the European Parliament adopted a report, with the demand from the agency for basic rights, to analyze what extent the drug politics went too far and violated the rights of the individual. For the first it is only words, but they go into the correct direction.

- The UNO Office for human rights prepared here 60 year anniversary in front of. We are really shocked to know that a UNO organization does not have adopted the fundamental right of human one yet. We hope of course for not waiting 60 years until the human rights are used also for drug users.

- Last week also a date was announced now for the vote about the Swiss hemp-initiative, this is at the 30 November.

Thanks for your support I hope already onto an answer.

Many lovely greetings

André Fürst
EEP Bellevue
Rue du Tronchet 6
2023 Gorgier/NE

André Fürst
Prison Centrale
Planche-Inférieure 12
1700 Fribourg/FR

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