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Germany: Acquittal of medical cannabis user

"Why don’t we allow a man with such a heavy burden some good days", the judge said.

On 19 January the court of Mannheim acquitted a multiple sclerosis patient who was accused of illegal possession of cannabis. 600 grams of cannabis had been found at the home of the 41 year old defendant, who used it against symptoms of his disease since 15 years. Judge Ulrich Krehbiel used strong words against criminal prosecution of severely ill persons who use cannabis medicinaly.

"Why don’t we allow a man with such a heavy burden some good days," he said.

Before, Dr. Hans-Michael Meinck, professor of neurology at the University of Heidelberg, had confirmed the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of the patient’s ataxia. Ataxia is a movement disorder that may be found in MS.

(Sources: Die Welt of 20 January 2005, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung of 20 January 2005)
  • "Warum gönnen wir Juristen einem Menschen mit so einem schweren Schicksal nicht ein paar schöne Tage."
  • Le 19 janvier, le tribunal de Mannheim a acquitté un patient souffrant de sclérose en plaques accusé de détention illégale de cannabis.
  • Il 19 gennaio, il tribunale di Mannheim ha assolto un paziente che soffre di sclerosi a placche imputato di detenzione illegale di canapa indiana. Seicento grammi di canapa indiana erano stati trovati al domicilio dell'imputato quarantunenne e che vi ricorreva da 15 anni per far fronte ai sintomi della sua malattia.
Update Saturday 5 February 2005 17:48, published Monday 31 January 2005 12:15