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Hemp Pioneer André Fürst Released

André Fürst ’Mister Hemp-Info’,is going to be released 29 May 2009, after having served most of his 29 months jail time.

In Spring 2007, the Federal Court confirmed the 29 month prison sentence imposed by the justice of Fribourg for cultivating and selling hemp between 1997 and 2002. André Fürst has been in prison since 9 September 2007, the last few months have been in open custody.

Because the local court of Murten condemned him only to six months prison on probation in December 2008 for the activities in the following years until 2005, there was no reason to lock André Fürst up.However, this judgement is not valid yet, due to the appeal made by the public prosecutor.

Now the hemp pioneer can continue with Hemp-Info and fight on for his lifelong cause, the rehabilitation of the hemp plant.

Despite knowing the release date months in advance, Fribourg judical officials were not capable or willing to do the necessary paper work.


PS: André Fürst will continue to fight against the violence hemp consumers are exposed to.

  • André Fürst, Monsieur Chanvre-Info, sortira de la prison le 18 mai 2009. Cela après avoir purgé la plus grande partie de sa peine de 29 mois.
  • André Fürst, Monsieur Hanf-Info, wird am 18. Mai 2009 aus dem Gefängnis entlassen. Dies nachdem er den grössten Teil der 29monatigen Strafe abgesessen hat.
Update Sunday 14 June 2009 01:35, published Wednesday 3 June 2009 22:10