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Hemp for the family pharmacy

Swiss telegraphic agency 7.2.1998)

The district court at Uznach (SG) acquitted a woman who had infringed the federal law on narcotics. This statement is reported by "les amis du chanvre" and has been confirmed by the district court.
In february 1998, the police carried out a search in a property and confiscated a half kilogram of hemp. Following this, the owner was denounced under the charge of "illicit culture and consumption of cannabis". To clear of the accusation, the defendant stated that "he had grown and used the incriminated hemp as an auto medication to cure backaches"
In Switzerland, according to the law, any citizen can produce his own cure if it is needed. Thus it is not forbidden to produce remedies with hemp for the family pharmacy.

Update Monday 6 October 2003 16:53, published Monday 6 October 2003 16:52