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Is cannabis definitely not a causal factor for schizophrenia?

...or are there needed some more studies to proof this truth, however well known in folk and every-day’s-medicine? Many people heal their psychic problems with hemp. This is the very proof that the inborn, intuitive sensibility for the simple but efficient folk medicine is still alive and widespread and must be promoted by facilitating access to natural therapeuctic hemp.

Israelian scientists propose that the association between cannabis use and increased risk for schizophrenia that have been observed in recent studies from Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Israel may not be causal. Several studies have reported an association between genes encoding the cannabinoid receptor and schizophrenia.

The researchers write: "An alternative explanation of the association between cannabis use and schizophrenia might be that pathology of the cannabinoid system in schizophrenia patients is associated with both increased rates of cannabis use and increased risk for schizophrenia, without cannabis being a causal factor for schizophrenia."


(Weiser M, Noy S. Dialogues Clin Neurosci. 2005;7(1):81-5.)

  • Wissenschaftler aus Israel vermuten, dass die Beziehung zwischen Cannabiskonsum und Schizophrenie, die in jüngeren Studien aus Schweden, den Niederlanden, Neuseeland und Israel beobachtet worden war, nicht schlüssig ist
  • Des chercheurs israéliens avancent que la relation d'association entre la consommation de cannabis et l'augmentation du risque de schizophrénie qui a été observée aux termes d'études récentes en Suède, aux Pays-Bas, en Nouvelle-Zélande et en Israël pourrait ne pas être d'ordre causal
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Is cannabis definitely not a causal factor for schizophrenia?
We live in a schizophrenic society, many people suffer mental illness from mild depression onwards. Many forms of mental illness are not recognized until someone harms themselves or another. People carry any amount of negative/false beliefs/thought patterns in their heads and these are largely hidden by the "face" we show to the general public i.e. we create desirable impressions on others and ourselves - we lie to ourselves and others.

Marijuana cuts through this facade and connects the consciousness with reality, it’s not surprising therefore, to find that some people will become paranoid etc. after taking the herb - they’re merely becoming conscious of their own inner psychosis & paranoia. To blame marijuana for causing this, is like blaming the mirror for reflecting your acne. The idea is, to use marijuana to acknowledge and also, to overcome latent inner problems.

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