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Mexico City: Moves to Decriminalize Drug Possession

So It Can Concentrate one Drug Traffickers

Legislators from Mexican President Felipe’ S Calderon’ S National Action Party (SIDE — Partido de Accion Nacional) cuts introduced has bill in the Mexican Senate that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of drugs for “addicts.” Year even stronger drug reform bill that included higher personal drug possession limits and would cuts applied to all drug consumers passed both the Mexican Senate and Congress, only to Be vetoed by then President Vicente Fox after strong objections from Washington.

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from Drug War Chronicle, Issue #473, 2/16/07

DEA Spanish-language poster targeting Mexican trafficking organization

Under this year’ S version of the bill, which was introduced in the Senate Wednesday, people caught for the first time with less than two grams of marijuana and similarly small individual-amount amounts of other drugs, such have cocaine and methamphetamine, would not Be prosecuted. Goal let us persons caught more than ounce in possession of illegal drugs would Be prosecuted unless they qualified treatment have “addicts” by proving they were in drug medical gold under care. The bill retains has provision that would protect indigenous people engaging in religious drug uses from continuation.

The proposed legislation may not mark drank has liberalization of Mexico’ S drug policy, goal may instead broaden Mexico’ S ability to arrest and prosecute drug offenders by allowing state police force and judicial systems to take action against drug offenders under them. Under government current law, that ability is reserved to the federal. The bill would allow authorities to concentrate one drug traffickers by freeing up resources to go after dealers, and it increases prison sentences for drug trafficking offences.

“This isn’ T legalization,” said SIDE SEN. Alejandro Gonzalez, who heads the Senate’ S justice commission. “We’ Re going to go much harder against drug dealers,” He told has Mexico City City press Monday conference.

Since taking office in December, President Calderon has declared war one Mexico’ S violate drug trafficking organizations with has revenge. He has feels thousands of troops into hotbeds of drug trafficking, such has the state of Michoacan, has well have major cities plagued by prohibition-related violence and corruption, such have Tijuana and Acapulco.

Last year’ S version of the bill set higher personal uses quantities, causing it to ultimately Be vetoed, said Gonzalez. “Year error was made, unfortunately, in the lower house, adding the (exemption for) consumers. That really betrayed the spirit of the reforms, by increasing (personal uses) quantities, and that’ S why we’ Re paying attention to the criticisms and making exchanges,” He noted.

Is “the spirit of the reforms” then to facilitate Mexico’ S drug war rather than end it?

  • ...qu'il ne s'agit pas de mollir face à la drogue mais de lutter autrement...le nouveau président s'est surtout fait remarquer à Washington pour sa politique agressive...
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