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Polish Kanaba Association announced a week of solidarity with drug users

Polish Kanaba Association announced a week of solidarity with drug users, which begins May 12th and last till May 19th 2007. On these days in Warsaw, in parallel to the XVIII International Conference of Harm Reduction some organizations, including our, will be organized series of formal and informal satellite events.

On May 12th Kanaba and other organizations are preparing World Wide Marijuana March, which this year is most likely be lead by Dana Beal, global coordinator and founder of this marches.

May 13th officially begins XVII International Harm Reduction Conference (IHRC).
- http://www.harmreduction2007.org/
- Participants include many experts and novices of harm reduction and it will also include official representatives from international organizations and Polish government. Unfortunately co-operation with Polish organizers has not been going so well, due to political correctens. But we hope that under flag of ENCOD we can help in organizing even more superior satellite events next year in Barcelona, where XIX IHRC will take place.

On dates mentioned above takes place an International Congress of Narcotic Users, organized by INPUD, as well Polish language session entitled Harm Reduction in Polish.

In cooperation with Dora Weiner foundation Kanaba Association is organizing Forum on Ibogaine, in which Howard Lotsoft joins us, along with other researches form United States and Europe

We are also entertaining an idea of creating a separate forum dedicated to cultural use of prohibited plans and geopolitical problems connected with existing control regime. If anyone is interested in executing a presentation/discussion during such forum please contact us.

We are also preparing an exhibition devoted to culture and prohibited plans. Please contact us if you could contribute, donate or lend display units related to the exhibition. Because of limited space it would be ideally to present photos and paintings, but we are open for other ideas too.

In addition to above events June 1st - 8th begins protest against the G8 Summit, which will take place in Rostock, Germany. June 3rd is the "Day of action on Agriculture". To celebrate the occasion we could considering presenting above exhibition and helping in organizing some type of event with other members of ENCOD. For more information about G8 Summit please visit:


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Artur Radosz
- KANABA Association
- Warsaw, Poland
- mail: mailto:artur.radosz at gmail.com
- mob: +48 516 830 155
- www: http://drugpolicy.pl

ps. you can find first draft of this event poster here:


published Friday 16 March 2007 11:30