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The Netherlands: end of drug tourism?

Neighbour states are to open hemp shops and sell Cannabis or promote the black market.

A pilot project will start soon in the southern town of Maastricht, just across the border with both Germany and Belgium, where the sale of cannabis to foreigners will be banned. The centre- right government wants to call an end to foreigners, mainly youngsters, on the streets of cities like Amsterdam prowling for a joint. "We want to end all aspects of drugs tourism, the fact that people come to the Netherlands to use soft drugs or to take them home," said Justice Ministry spokesman Wim Kok.


(Source: Reuters of 23 April 2005)

  • Die Nachbarstaaten sollen selber Hanf-Läden eröffnen und Cannabis verkaufen oder den Schwarzmarkt fördern.
  • D'après un journal écossais The Scotsman du 20 mai 05, le gouvernement hollandais voudrait interdire l'accès des coffeeshops aux millions de touristes qui visitent chaque année le pays. Une expérience pilote devrait débuter dès cet été à Maastricht.
published Sunday 5 June 2005 17:29