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USA diktat on the UE drugs policy

At the beginning of March, a lot of US officials including the drug czar organized during two days a big Congress in the European Parliament of Brussels on the “International Dimensions for European Drug Policy”. A lot of UE officials, including Charlotte Cederchi÷ld, former Vice President of the European Parliament and many MP, Morgan Johansson, the Minister of Public Health and Social Services in Sweden, or Mr. Claude Ruey, a member of the Swiss parliament was there for a big show, the USA prohibition system master class. After this demonstration, the very liberal Catania European Parliament Report and the European Strategy on drugs are six feet under. The Action Plan on drugs will be as it was, a medium version of prohibition. USA rules, but a lot countries, towns or organizations try to resist. We must support them.

Laurent Appel

Here’s the press release from the Executive Director of Drug-Free America Foundation. Terrific !

On March 1 and 2, we supported a conference in the European parliament in Brussels, Belgium, titled "International Dimensions for European Drug Policy." The conference was hosted by Ms. Charlotte Cederchi÷ld, a member and former Vice President of the European Parliament. It was organized by European Cities Against Drugs, the Institute on Global Drug Policy, and the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse. It was supported by the Drug-Free America Foundation and the Drug Prevention Network of the Americas.

In attendance were delegates from North and South America, as well as delegates from all over Europe. This included members of the parliament, other high-level European officials and leaders from non-governmental agencies.

The purpose of the conference was to counter the efforts by certain groups, including many that are funded by the Daddy Warbucks of drug legalization, Mr. George Soros. These groups are promoting permissive drug policies in Europe and around the world under the guise of so-called harm reduction. The phrase "harm reduction" and its obvious meaning has been hijacked and cynically employed by those whose goal it is to legalize drugs. They use the obvious universal desire to reduce harm to promote the legalization of drugs. Drug legalizers use the phrase to gain the sympathy of well-meaning people and governmental officials.

I want to make it clear that rational drug policies which recognize that the temporary use of measures to reduce harm, with the goal of ultimately having a person abstinent, are fundamentally different from so-called harm reduction drug policies which accept the inevitability of drug use.

Our conference supported the United Nations’ position that the goal of national and global drug policies and strategies must be to prevent and stop drug use. It supported abstinence from drug use as a reasonable and achievable goal for public health policy, and a policy of no use of illegal drugs or destructive use of legal drugs. Speakers at our conference overwhelmingly spoke in support of comprehensive prevention, treatment and enforcement strategies to prevent and eliminate illegal drug use and, thereby, their undeniable harm.

They overwhelmingly opposed usurping multinational treaties and agreements and replacing the goal of preventing and reducing drug use with a strategy by whatever name, whether you call it harm reduction or whatever, that seeks to normalize various forms of drug use.

In preparation of the conference, members of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policies met for two days prior to the conference to exchange information on the drug policy issue and to strategize on how to best promote sound drug policies throughout the world in an effort to protect our children from the harms of drugs. The task force, which is a group of worldwide experts on drug policy, issued a statement on so-called harm reduction that was disseminated at the conference in the parliament. As was referenced in my introduction, that statement is in your press kit.

Speakers at our conference included high-level officials, such as Mr. Herbert Schaepe, the former Secretary of the International Narcotics Control Board, or INCB; Mr. Morgan Johansson, the Minister of Public Health and Social Services in Sweden; Cheryl Gillan, member of parliament of the U.K. and a drug policy expert; Mr. Claude Ruey, a member of the Swiss parliament; and a number of medical doctors and researchers from the U.S. and Europe who have closely studied the issue of so-called harm reduction.

One very special speaker was our Director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, Mr. John Walters. Director Walters will now share with you a few words about his participation in our conference and his visit to Europe.

Calvina Fay

Executive Director of Drug-Free America Foundation, national and international nonprofit drug policy and education foundation, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

published Wednesday 4 May 2005 02:43