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Wife May Determine Husband’s Cannabis Use

In the first year of marriage a wife may be able to control how much a husband indulge in drinking or substance abuse like the use of cannabis. However the reverse may not always be true.

Researchers said data collected showed that in the first year of marriage for 20-somethings, husbands were more likely to start or resume smoking cannabis if their wives smoked it. Husbands also were more likely to stop smoking cannabis if their spouses did not smoke.

Contrarily, however, the husbands did not seem to influence their wives’ marijuana smoking.

Researchers led by Kenneth E. Leonard in the Department of Psychiatry in the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences studied couples recruited while applying for marriage licenses since 1990. They collected data from 634 couples, 471 of which provided data before marriage, at their first anniversary and at their second anniversary.

The researchers feel that the fist year of the marriage is the transition period that forms the unique relationship between the husband and the wife, and the couple’s relationships with their friends and their substance use. The substance use may decline over the time. Men have reported the change in substance use to decline to 21% from 25% and women reported that it had changed from 20% to 14% in their case. Also it was common for people who smoked cannabis to get married to people who also smoked the same. The researchers, however, said their findings might not generalize to other young adults who use substances and are not married.


  • La première année de mariage, une épouse peut contrôler la consommation d'alcool ou de substances de son mari, comme l'usage de cannabis. Cependant, le contraire n'est pas toujours vrai.
Update Tuesday 2 August 2005 11:05, published Saturday 30 July 2005 10:20