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Zelfo’ an Ecological Structural Material Solution

Zelfo was developed over a period of 10 years by Zellform GesmbH in Austria. Omodo GmbH was founded in Germany in 2004 with the objective of delivering ecological products made from Zelfo to the marketplace.

Zelfo is formed using cellulose based organic materials, i.e. Hemp/Flax/old paper etc to form 3 dimensional objects. Ecology, structural integrity and contemporary aesthetics are prime points that Zelfo brings to the world of contemporary materials.

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Zelfo uses renewable sources and is entirely without chemical additives. There is almost no waste generated during the material production and any waste material can be reused in the process. All products are fully recyclable. In terms of price Zelfo competes equally with other formable materials such as fibreglass whilst offering additional benefits that provide a competitive edge in the market. Future opportunities for Zelfo also lie in the mixture of other modern binder materials such as carbon fibre, to produce hybrid products that reduce the demand for synthetic or oil based raw materials.

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see pdf file for more informations and pictures

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> Zelfo' an Ecological Structural Material Solution
the commercial production of Zelfo begins now at www.zelfoaustralia.com

with products to be launched soon including

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