Hemp Fuel

Planting only 6 percent of the continental United States with biomass crops such as hemp would supply all current domestic demands for oil and gas.

Did you know the average American spends 33 of 40 working hours to supporting their need for energy? It’s true; 80 percent of the total monetary living expense for everything we do is ultimately wrapped up in energy costs; from the energy it takes to make the food we eat, to fuel for the cars we drive, to the manufacturing, storage and transportation of the products we buy. And 80 percent of solid and airborne pollution in our environment can be blamed on fossil energy sources. It is estimated that America has already exhausted 80 percent of its fossil fuel reserves. Isn’t this a recipe for disaster?

Industrial hemp is the number one biomass producer on earth, meaning an actual contender for an economically competitive, clean burning fuel. Hemp has four times the biomass and cellulose potential and eight times the methanol potential of its closest competing crop - corn. Burning coal and oil are the greatest sources of acid rain; biomass fuels burn clean and contain no sulphur and produce no ash during combustion. The cycle of growing and burning biomass crops keeps the world’s carbon dioxide level at perfect equilibrium, which means that we are less likely to experience the global climactic changes (greenhouse effect) brought about by excess carbon dioxide and water vapors after burning fossil fuels. Think of all the economic opportunities that could be created by producing clean energy instead of endangering our health and safety with the last remains of an unsustainable and dirty source.

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Fossil Fuel Alternative

A clean burning liquid fuel from forest and agricultural residue

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Make Your Own Biodiesel

From used cooking oil. Free book contains full details and much more

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Czech Biomass Association

you can have a look at our web pages > the english version

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BIOGAS TECHNOLOGY a.s.We were talking about biogas.
- Consulting.
- Development, design, construction.
- Project preparation.
- Supply, assembly.
- Realization.
- Put into operation.
- Guarantee and after-guarantee service.

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