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Dear hemp supporters, The permanent raise of the petroleum oil price is a big chance for the international hemp market. A lot of big companies are now very interested by alternatives. They need fibers to substitute plastics and oil to substitute diesel or fuel. Hemp can give both and also proteins for couch or human. There is no more plant like that. The grower and the trader can enter on three dynamic markets: raw fiber, vegetal oil, MGO free healthy food.

With a low cost of production, eastern countries will be perfects spots to develop this new agro-industry. The nearest from western final consumers there are, the quickest development it will be. For local or international uses, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine are the first concerns. It’s just the perfect time to grow hemp and to organize after the harvest processes.

Chanvre-Info can coach farmers from the seeding to the export trading. But we must know quickly those who are interest to establish a planning and visit them. At the end of the process, we need ballot of fibers and filtered oil for export and we must organize a local business for the proteins of the seeds. We try to establish an official international hemp trading to operate on the raw materials markets like Chicago or London stock exchanges.

To establish a real valuable trade, we need to receive at least 100 tons of fibers per grower, same for seeds. After the pressure, we’ve got 40.000 l of oil and 60 tons of proteins. Fibers are for car factories suppliers and we can pay from 250 to 300 € per ton. Oil is for taxi, buses, police, ambulance, fire truck and transport companies in Swiss and we can pay from 0.30 to 0.40 € per liter. We hope to find an eastern local market for proteins essentially to be included in chicken, cow or pig mixed food. A discount price for this new market could be from 0.15 to 0.25 € per kilo.

So for one grower of 100 hectares, It could be possible to sell to us after few low cost processes (harvest, separate, ballot and press) a minimum of 25.000 € of fibers, 12.000 € of oil and 9.000 € of proteins. 46.000 € European subventions non included, it could be a good business. You must also understand how reasonable are our quotations of oil and proteins.

With a good local advertising on the properties of hemp flood, the human market could open there harms and the price could double, same for oil in case of penury or USA/Iran war. Even the fiber market will be more pricey in few years with the new ecologic taxes on plastic products. For all those good reasons, we really want to start this hemp trade this year. But we must act as soon as possible. We hope to find at least three growers to supply our first orders and prospect previous markets in western Europe. But, with local partners and dealers, Chanvre-Info can manage more and more growers.

If you are interest to be our local partner, local dealer or grower, please contact us. We plan to be on Eastern tour at the end of April and beginning of May. This mail is an emergency call for a huge amount of fibers, oil and protein of hemp. But for Oil, we can also use sunflower or colza or others filtered fluid vegetal oils. We can pay from 0.30 to 0.40 € per liter. So let’s grow and trade together.

All the best

André Fürst

published Friday 9 June 2006 01:35
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Dear André Fürst
My name is Gabor Kolumban, and I live in the Central region of Romania in Harghita County. Traditionally, we had hemp, but recently the hemp industry was destroyd by the lack of markets.
I would like to start a small business cultivating and processing hemp. Can you help me, with advice and business partners?
Yours sincerely

28.11.2006 by kolumbangabor