Uruguay: A New Hemp Project Promoting Hemp Agro-Industry in Latin America

The Latin America Hemp Trading established in 2006, taking into account our mission: “to promote, to generate, to develop, and to establish in a responsible way Hemp agro-industry in Latin America generating value for our investors, members and partners, offering customers high quality natural products.

The Latin America Hemp Trading (LAHT) based in Montevideo, Uruguay has started business with the following objectives:

Enabling the opening of Latin American markets for hemp products and promoting this industry.

Adapt the legal framework of Latin American markets to develop its harvest and industrialization through partnerships with worldwide producers

In order to do that and to be able to carry out this project we have distributor chains in the Latin American countries which assure us a good commercialization as well as a good position of the products in the local markets with strategies focused on the culture of consumption in these countries.

On the other hand as we have been doing in our country, we are working now in the legal framework, so we have named legal representatives in the rest of the countries with the objective to work with the authorities of each government studying the actual legal framework.

“The Latin America Hemp Trading” has a legal group, a commercialization department and a research and development unit formed by professionals specialized in the areas mentioned above.

The project of a Productive Uruguay that we have as an objective following the government requirements, wants to assure the stability of the legal framework, the commercialization chains as well as the destiny markets and the technical and productive ability of the resources.

We believe that these points are extremely important to successfully develop the Hemp Industry in Latin America.

Although we know that this project is in its initial stage and it could take more time than the desired is our interest to start as soon as possible with the Hemp Business in Latin America.

Our strategy is to introduce in the South Cone products -food and non food products, all kind of them- through worldwide enterprises which can participate actively in the project through joint ventures with local as well as international investors.

It is important for us to let you know how grateful we are for your interest and from now on we get involved to strength this relation; taking into account your considerations and experiences as a truly interest and support.

Update Friday 30 October 2009 02:42, published Tuesday 13 March 2007 23:34
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