Hemp Lobby - Industrial Hemp Association was founded in 2005 by the Gota Project. It is the first independent organisation working on a free will basis. Its object is to create and intergrate a balanced milieau concentrating on industrial, cultural and political hemp matters. Hemp Lobby fascilitates an exchange of information and experience concerning policies of production, retail, as well as promoting hemp articles.

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Business aside, Hemp Lobby also works with all unions and initiatives which are developing the growth of the hemp market.

In 2006, the founders of Hemp Lobby together with Agency Sowjet, the publishers of the monthly Hanf Journal, conceived a new project. The effect of this project is the first free hemp newspaper Spliff, released earlier this year. It is the first periodical of its kind in Poland, also for the Polish communities living abroad within the European Union.

A priority of the association is to create a programme to redress the farming industry of hemp fibre with the support of the already existing ABC - Hemp Farming project, together with developing various projects leading to balanced status of hemp.

I Hemp Lobby - structure

II. Hemp Essentials - vital information about hemp
- Genesis -( history, culture)
- Law -( reports, laws, deeds - Polish and worldwide)
- Management -( structure and effects)
- Economy and statistics -( comparisons, graphs and charts, analyses)
- Library -( currently available articles and news)

III. Application range: Cellulose-paper industrial production, building, consumer, foodstuffs, pharmaceutics, biofuel, bioplastic, textiles, environmental issues, cosmetics, chemurgy.

IV. Repair Programme of Hemp Industrial
- ABC - hemp farming (from seeds to raw material)

- Suitable office
- Worth
- Additional payments/extra charges
- Forms and petitions
- Contracts

- Cannabis Sativa
— Cultivation
— Harvesting
— Conserving
- Cannabis Indica
— Cultivation
— Harvesting
— Conserving

Comments and suggestions

ABC - hemp farming (from seeds to product)
- Bureaucracy
— Suitable office
— Worth
— Additional payments/extra charges
— Forms and petitions
— Contracts

- Manufacturing
- Storage
- Machines and technology

Comments and suggestions

Economy: Budget deficit

Unemployment Statistics

The Repair Programme intends to verify and evaluate the budget deficit as well as to consolidate lowering unemployment. Comparisons will be given yearly and also within the framework of a long-standing project.

V. Requisite fundaments Repair Programme
- Polish and world economy
- Expert opinions
- List of manufacturers
- Anti-lobby peeps
- Ask an expert (e-mail, communicator, telephone)

VI. Green Planet - projects on a global scale

VII. Hemp Culture ( marijuana - a side product of many other things)

The above activities have been building up over the span of a few years deriving from the Gota Project. We have created an independent structure using innovative methods and striving to find completely new solutions.

A strong and sturdy economical structure is essential in order to alter the politics currently surrounding hemp and, moreover, the implementation of unprofitable raw materials and products.



P.S. - Hemp Lobby
- - Spliff
- - Million Marijuana March

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