The Deceptive Silence After The Storm

Almost a year has passed since the rejection of the hemp initiative and I am free again for more than half a year, so it is time for an actual comment.

The clear rejection of the hemp legalization initiative last autumn has cemented the pressure executed by both police and justice which was already visible before. It has become almost impossible to plant recreative hemp on open ground. In the same way business and consumption have gone underground, according to the motto, out of sight out of mind.

So the negative effects connected to the underground hemp scene have been resurrected: Hemp cannot be cultivated openly, therefore the consumer doesn’t know what he is buying because the farmer cannot stand by his product. Therefore the planter is not responsible anymore. So the quality is going down the drain and they are cheating, moistening and stretching whenever possible. At the same time the prices have gone up exorbitantly. The small shops have disappeared. Sales are happening under the counter or one has to go to the junkies in the streets, just like in the old days. So the opposite of what the initiative wanted has happened: Youth protection at the junkie corner? „Clean“ stuff, th erefore health protection? The elimination of the mafia? Etc. . .

In October 2008 the eidgenössische Kommission für Drogenfragen has published the „Update of the Cannabis Report 1999“ in which the experts, amongst them doctors, university professors, prosecutors, policemen, have given clear recommandations for a legalization of small amounts. Here they are:

„The commission largely stands behind their recommandation given in the cannabis report from 1999 to stear the access for cannabis products by a regulatory model which gives necessary consideration to prevention and youth protection. Such a solution would contain an exemption on punishment for personal consumption and its preparation. Due to the respect for international conventions, business on a large scale would stay illegal. But this is not excluding the creation of an opportunity rule for small deals in the context described above. The legal basis would have to be determined in the drug law.“

Parliament and government have stated clearly that the chapter about hemp has to be redone in the revised drug law. But nothing is happening apparently. They are banning public smoking everywhere in Switzerland, as if all smoke would disappear that way. But cannabis will not disappear out of Switzerland, as liquor did not disappear from the US during prohibition!

Facts are created, but they do not help anybody because the legal insecurity about hemp is just getting worse and worse.

Apparently the “conférence des chefs des départements de police et de justice des cantons latins” is working on a common agreement to coordinate the norms and the practices for hemp planters and dealers. When one knows how the officials of the latin states are dealing with the subject of hemp then this can only mean evil. But Berne is sleeping so others are taking the lead and trying to lock back that ’jack in the box’ as if nothing had happened.

So, accordingly, there is only one possibility to resist these tendencies and this is by self-planting where ever possible. So the plant stays in the public vision, the black market get dryed out and each planter is responsible for his harvest and what he is doing with it.

But even better than fighting as a loner against the authorities would be the collective cultivation of hemp such as the formation of cannabis social clubs, associations where people plant hemp together. So the responsability is shared. Everyone can help each other out and they know where the hemp is coming from.

So one of my next projects will be the foundation of such a club for patients who need hemp for their therapy. Then we are going to see, how it is goes with the (planned) legalization of medical hemp.

Anyway, still: Stand up and smoke!

Update Monday 5 October 2009 01:21, published Monday 5 October 2009 01:09
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