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Nimbin MardiGrass

2005/04/30 - 2005/05/01

"It’s ironic but somehow typical that the drug law reform movement should find it’s most vocal and public face in a place like Nimbin. The Mardi Grass gives voice to frustrations and problems that are vexing the whole of mainstream society, but most people aren’t quite brave enough to express this to their neighbours. In the anonymity of a "freak-fest" like Mardi Grass, many people are quite prepared to stand up and be counted. This is vitally important as a first step, but it’s only when there’s a Mardi Grass happening in every town and when every pot smoker puts their hand up that the laws will change. It’s too easy for the mainstream to ignore protest when it just happens in Nimbin.

Saturday 30th of April, Sunday 1st of May 2005

This years Global Marijuana Music Awards will play host to American and Australian artists at the Rainbow Cafe, Nimbin on 30 April and 1 May 2005 during Nimbin’s Mardi Grass.
The international line up traveling to Australia for this event includes the popular American rap group, the Herbillests from Philadelphia, USA and Rich Hardesty from Indiana, USA. A one-off opportunity to experience these performers !
Also performing are the 2004 Marijuana Music Awards winners from Australia Doug Johnson and Herb Superb. Closing the event is the dynamic Assyrian Band from Sydney, Azadoota.
Heats for Best Live Performance Award will be held on 30 April 2005 at the Rainbow Cafe, Nimbin. Closing date for Best Recorded Track Award 1 March 2005. For more info

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